Pro Comp tires


Founded: 1998
Founder: Pro Comp USA
Headquarters: Compton, California, USA

Pro Comp is an American tire brand known for rugged tires for all kinds of SUVs and light trucks. The company’s long-term experience results in a high-quality production for both off-road and all-terrain applications. Coming with high-performance features, Pro Comp tires can flawlessly serve you for your daily commutes or off-road adventures.

Who makes Pro Comp tires? Since 1992, the company has been involved in manufacturing spare parts for different types of vehicles. Taking on tires in the late 1990s, Pro Comp is proving to be one of the leading tire manufacturers in the aftermarket sector. Besides tires, its product range includes wheels, suspensions, shocks, and lighting.

Among the Pro Comp offerings, you can find a wide choice of tires for ATV/UTV as well as passenger tires delivering confident traction in common driving conditions. Broadly, the brand’s production won recognition of off-road enthusiasts and motorsports teams through their multiple high-performance features. And this is a true evidence of Pro Comp tires’ quality as only irreproachable tires can help you win a race.
One of the best choices for starters would be the A/T Sport. This all-terrain model can provide the safest rides on all kinds of surface, whether rocks, gravel, or sand. With this, optimal and balanced performance is possible thanks to a sturdy tread compound made with the use of cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, the tires’ original tread design featuring curved and interlocking grooves allows you to expect really good gripping power and smooth and comfortable ride, regardless of where you drive.
Powersports enthusiasts will surely appreciate the Xtreme Trax UTV. Combining vast voids with massive tread blocks, the tire is capable to empower your machine in any terrain. Its robust construction can ensure longevity and confidence for your off-road adventure.

Where to buy Pro Comp tires? Manufactured in the US, Pro Comp tires are available to order on the brand’s official website site or through tire dealers like Discount Tire, America’s Tire, or 4Wheel Parts.

Another advantage of Pro Comp tires is that they come with a 60-day warranty which can cover any manufacturing defect in material under normal and intended use. Also, the manufacturer guarantees that these tires can overcome up to 60,000 miles before they’re worn out, and this is significantly more than most tire makers usually offer.
As for pricing, Pro Comp tires are somewhat expensive. The cheapest tire you can find among the brand’s offerings may cost about $110, while the price for some all-terrain models goes as high as $450. These price levels don’t stand out too much within the high-quality ATV/UTV segment, being justified by the excellent driving parameters and long lifespan of the tires.