Radar tires

Radar tires

Founded: 2006
Founder: Omni United
Headquarters: Singapore
Parent: Omni United
Website: https://www.omni-united.com/radar

Omni is a company from Singapore, but the production is spread throughout Asia.

So, who makes Radar Dimax tires? The effort is not concentrated in one production center, but is rather dispersed between Thailand, China, Taiwan, India and Indonesia.

Despite this focus on Asian manufacturers, the tires can be bought throughout the world.
The Radar tires are considered a high-performance brand, in contrast to other brands of this company. All of them are designed and made using the latest technologies, but Radar was specifically introduced as a motorsport-grade tire range.

Who owns Radar Dimax tires? The company called ‘Omni United’ is a huge conglomerate that unites countless tire brands, the list of which includes also Radar.

However, it’s not used exclusively on racing cars – they have a large variety of tires for crossovers, trucks and even family cars. Radar rubber is fit for motorsport because of its endurance and longevity.
Despite being manufactured in the region famous for its cheap and fragile products, the Radar tires are, in fact, notoriously sturdy. Not only that, but they are also highly affordable and handle easily.
The mark of a good tire is not simply its ability to withstand huge amounts of stress on trek, but also rough weather conditions and roads of versatile quality for a long time. Radars are more or less effective at that.
They are not exactly premium tires, and nor will they hold on forever, but, for this price, they are extremely good. They’ve apparently done some research developing these, and it includes both the constructive characteristics and the material used to make them last longer.
Overall, they are very cost-effective, and that’s what matters most. If you can use them for months and months without having to change them, it’s a sign of quality – or at least of good material.