Prometer tires

Prometer tires

Founded: 1973
Founder: Foreign Tire Sales Inc
Headquarters: Union, New Jersey, USA
Parent: Foreign Tire Sales Inc

Prometer is one of the brands Foreign Tire Sales bought or launched in Thailand. So, despite the location they are very popular in America, where incidentally their key market also lays.

Who makes Prometer tires? Most Prometer tires are developed, designed and produced by Prometer themselves.

FTS obviously influence their work by providing them with technology, solutions and requirements. The tires need to be fit for an American customer, after all.

Where are Prometer tires made? All of them are manufactured in Thailand.

That isn’t a very good recommendation for most. However, they are given good leadership and materials and it evidently pays off, because most of their passenger tires are very good.Yes, they can boast some very nice performance and durability. The rubber (of course, depending on its purposes) has excellent traction in most weather conditions, be that dry, wet, snow or slosh. It’s not perfect – they can behave awkwardly around hard turns and after sudden stops. Otherwise, they are good – especially for their price category.
Most of Prometer tires are pretty cheap, that’s correct. While they are excellent, the overall cheapness shows in certain unexpected situations. Prometers usually hold on for a very long time, but if you carelessly drive over something unsmooth, it may very well burst right away.
So, you have to be careful. Even though they can delude you into thinking you got the best possible tire for absolutely no money at all – they aren’t the best. They are great for their cost, and they do pay off that cost with much grace.
You could still find better tires. For this price, however – these are marvelous.