Rage tires


Founded: 2015
Founder: Discover Tire
Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Rage is an exclusive tire brand owned by Discount Tire. The brand’s tires are purposely created for SUVs and trucks to help them conquer the harshest terrains, whether hardpack, gravel, rock, or mud. Thanks to the original design with stepped tread blocks and deep lugs, they can provide good stability and advanced traction regardless of road type and weather conditions.

Who makes Rage tires? As one of the world’s largest tire retailers, Discount Tire offers the widest choice of tires from most global tire brands. The company operates in most of the US states, having over 1,000 stores across the country.

The robust appearance of Rage tires with quite aggressive tread patterns itself clearly tells about their off-road purpose. Coming in 6 or 8-ply construction, they can ensure comfort and safe driving almost on all types of surfaces. You can ride these tires without fear of puncture as their sturdy carcass is able to withstand any debris or unevenness on your way. In addition, they are DOT-approved which guarantees their quality by any standards in the United States.
As of today, Rage tires are offered in three models: Mohave, Storm, and Thunder. Available in 12”-16” rim sizes, all of them can be used nearly for all types of ATV/UTV. Most off-road riding enthusiasts prefer the Rage Thunder as this model combines all-terrain and mud-terrain features for impressive off-road thrills. While driving in really difficult conditions, you may notice how soft and tenacious they are, demonstrating ideal handling for rock crawling and decent braking on slippery surfaces. You can appreciate all the advantages of Rage tires on a sport side-by-side vehicle as they will provide really exciting riding, allowing you to feel free in drifting and to easily get in and out of sweeping corners. You’ll be able to maintain normal traction even in a loamy-type dirt scenario thanks to a lot of spacing of the lugs.

Where to buy Rage tires? As Rage is an exclusive brand of Discount Tire, the brand’s tires are available only at the retailer’s stores, including its divisions Discount Tire Direct and America’s Tire, which, however, are easy to find in almost all major cities of the US. Also, you can make an order on the company’s website.

As for pricing, Rage tires are sufficiently affordable, compared to other ATV/UTV tires. To save your money, you may choose the popular Thunder or the Storm which on averagely cost about $115. The price for the stylish Rage Mohave, which is more suitable for bigger off-roadsters, can achieve $275.
Overall, Rage tires are highly appreciated for their versatility. Their performance and reliability in different terrains and conditions are almost unmatched. No matter where you’re going to ride – on bumpy rocks or soft dunes – they won’t fail during your adventures.