Rocky Mountain tires

Rocky Mountain tires

Founded 2015
Founder: Discount Tire
Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Rocky Mountain is an American tire brand exclusively owned by Discount Tire. Purposely designed for passenger vehicles, the brand’s products have several advantages, including enviable performance and an affordable price. In other words, it is a budget option to equip your car with tires of sufficiently good quality.

Who makes Rocky Mountain tires? The owning company is well-known as a tire retailer within the United States, that sells tires from most global manufacturers as well as a range of tire models produced under its own brands.

Actually, the brand is represented only by one model – the Rocky Mountain HT. Besides passenger cars, the tires, according to the manufacturer, are also suitable for SUVs and trucks. Positioned as all-season, they are designed to unfailingly perform in almost any weather, except, maybe, deep snow. In common driving conditions, on city streets and highway, Rocky Mountain tires offer reliable handling with confident traction and quick steering response.
Optimal driving qualities in Rocky Mountain tires are primarily provided by a special tread compound molded into an original tread pattern that prevents uneven treadwear. The design is distinguished by five ribs with circumferential grooves and full-depth zigzag sipes which give extra biting edges, and that improves the grip, making the car more stable even under a heavy load. The tread pattern also includes sloped channels to remove water from the tire so that rolling resistance can be reduced, improving fuel efficiency. In addition, the tires have stylish sidewalls marked with a symbolic depiction of the Rocky Mountains.

Where to buy Rocky Mountain tires? As Discount Tire is an exclusive owner of the brand, you can purchase the brand’s tires only at the company’s stores or by making an order on the Discount Tire website.

Rocky Mountain tires’ sophisticated construction ensures their above-average durability. You’ll be able to ride the tires more than 50,000 miles before they need to be replaced, and that is confirmed with the manufacturer’s special warranty and the exclusive certificate that can cover any preterm non-reparable damage.
Considering the whole set of their quality characteristics, Rocky Mountain tires can be described as affordable. Depending on the size you choose, they may cost from $95 to $180. Thus, you may pay, at the very least, $380 for a set of these tires, and that is one of the best offers on the market.
Although the Rocky Mountain brand is not on hearing, it is still worth paying attention to, especially if you want to get a reliable tire, while avoiding unnecessary spending.