Rosava tires


Rosava tires are popular in Ukraine and abroad, because they are designed to withstand the region’s variable and unpredictable climatic conditions. The company maintains an extensive portfolio of tires designed for nearly all types of vehicles, agricultural, construction, military, and other machines.

General Information

Thanks to the introduction of advanced European technologies, Rosava tires become increasingly popular in Ukraine and European countries. The company uses advanced approaches that help them produce adaptive and durable tires that demonstrate excellent performance on all types of roads and terrains in all seasons.

Winter tires

Rosava Snowguard tires are renowned for their unique tread pattern resulting in blocks placed at different angles to each other and to the direction of movement. For this reason, in whatever direction you drive, there are always blocks that ensure a good grip. This eases handling and adds to maneuverability. The tires utilize an advanced technology that helps blocks retain their gripping ability even when they have worn down a lot. Finally, the tread layer contains more silica filler, which helps the tire increase the contact patch during cold weather.
ViaMaggiore is a winter tire series that uses the Zeosil silicon filler, which brings elasticity to the rubber and makes it adaptive to various temperatures. During a ride, a unique zig-zag tread pattern creates a rubber spike effect that gives additional traction and grip. New technologies used in the tire help vehicles move along snow-drifted, slushy, and icy roads.

Who makes Rosava tires? Rosava is Ukraine’s only tire maker. The company has been around for about 50 years, and it continues to evolve and expand to new markets. Rosava sells 70% of its products to foreign customers and occupies 30% of the Ukrainian tire market.

Summer tires

Rosava Integro tires present a portfolio of summer tires that integrate highly innovative solutions. Particularly, they utilize the Silanization technology consisting in mixing high-profile rubber with silica or using organic silane as a bonding component. The latter facilitates creation of the tread pattern, which features four large grooves and lateral grooves and sipes. Together, these ensure quick removal of water from beneath the tire, a stable grip, and smooth movement.
Solazo tires use the unique Silica Heat Optimal technology, which adds strength and elasticity to a tire’s surface and boosts the tread pattern’s effectiveness. These tires feel very smooth during a ride, as they reduce the impact that results from hitting potholes, cracks, small hollows, etc. A reinforced central rib contributes to maneuverability and stability at high speeds. The multidirectional pattern provides good traction and a stable grip both in dry and wet weather.

Summing it up

Over its fifty-year-long history, Rosava has gained a tremendous experience and developed unique technologies. The company presents an extensive portfolio of tire types that do well in summer and in winter. They are particularly good at developing effective tread patterns, which make their tires second to none in traction and grip.