Viatti tires

Viatti tires

Viatti tires meet the latest safety and quality standard and ensure comfortable driving. They utilize exclusive German tire-making technology and present the best specimens within the mid-price segment. They have passed all sorts of tests and received highest feedback from experts and customers.

General information

Viatti has done tremendous work to help their tires retain their exceptional quality and performance on Russian roads. They have been tested in the most rigorous northern environments. The company has set up a fully automated production line that uses advanced German equipment. The company offers a lineup of winter and summer tires that is increasingly renowned around the globe.

Summer tires

Viatti Strada Asymmetrico is designed to perform well on wet surfaces. The asymmetric tread pattern features three longitudinal grooves, the widest one located close to the side. This ensures safer and more predictable maneuvering on wet roads. The other two grooves force water from the contact patch and prevent hydroplaning and skidding. The pattern is complemented by reinforcement ribs that provide for optimal load distribution at both slow and high speeds. These tires are great for city and highway driving and are well suited for passenger cars.
Viatti Bosco A/T tires are notoriously adaptable to various extreme environments. They utilize an innovative nano-molecular technology, which strengthens the tread cap compound and makes it responsive to changes in temperature and humidity. These tires are well suited for sports vehicles and crossovers. The tire features four longitudinal grooves that remove water, and a specific pattern of lateral grooves and sipes. Your vehicle will retain traction and maneuverability in any type of terrain.

Who makes Viatti tires? The brand takes great care to target a variety of markets with different climates. The brand continues to receive positive feedbacks from residents of warm southern European countries and harsh northernmost regions of Russia.

Winter tires

Viatti Bosco Nordic are jointly developed by Italian, German and Russian specialists. They are suitable for passenger cars, SUVs, and CUVs. The tires adapt to various environments thanks to the ViaMIX rubber mixing technology. The Variable Sidewall Stiffness technology makes it highly adaptive to different types of roads and terrains. The tire is well suited for Russian roads, which have lots of imperfections, and ensures a stable and smooth ride. Elastic blocks, lateral grooves, evenly distributed studs, and numerous sipes ensure superb traction and grip.
Viatti Bosco N/T tires are intended for SUVs and CUVs, and they demonstrate a superb load capacity. They have an asymmetric pattern of lateral grooves and sipes, and they are not studded. However, they use the Variable Rigidity of the Framework (VRF) technology that will make your ride impervious to road imperfections. The tire features a strong center rib and reinforced blocks. These improve handling and maneuvering. Thanks to the hydro Save V technology, there is almost no danger of slushplaning.

Summing it up

Viatti tires are made with the use of advanced technologies, and they are well suited for harsh northernmost region of Russia. They are considered middle-priced, but, given the advanced approaches to their production, buying Viatti tires would be a rational investment. Both summer and winter models demonstrate superb performance. Most drivers are satisfied with their high quality and durability and leave positive feedback.