Starfire tires

Starfire tires

Founded: 2015
Founder: Starfire
Headquarters: Australia
Parent: Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

Starfire are a brand of Australian tires made under patronage and with the help from Cooper Tires, the American tire titan. They take great pride in testing all of their tires in America and by American standard. They say it’s a quality guarantor.

Who makes Starfire tires? Starfire do it themselves, but they do consult very heavily with their American colleagues.

That is why these Australian rubbers might remind you very much about the Coopers if you ever used both. Indeed, both are handled with a good deal of comfort.

Where are Starfire tires made? Starfire manufacture their tires at home, in Australia.

After all, they rely very much on their domestic market, and it’s reasonable to put all of your resources very close-by for higher efficacy. In addition, they are using some Cooper facilities in America for testing and improving.
But what’s special about Starfire? Well, they produce all sorts of tires for many different car models. They vary in quality and key characteristics, but it’s safe to say they are all handled quite well.
Starfire grip the ground very tightly under all sorts of conditions – they tested these things. Be that wet or dry, they are bound to handle very well. In addition to that, they aren’t going to die very soon. Some of these tires can survive the mileage of up to 40.000 km, but it depends on your style of driving, too.
The comfort of driving has not been forgotten as well – they generally drive very smooth and don’t make a lot of noise, which is often an underestimated advantage.
Furthermore, they are widely considered an affordable option, which means you’ll be able to pay off the price you laid out for them very quickly. They are a good deal, but with all these upsides you can still find better tires – these are still on a medium level of quality.