Toledo tires

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Founded: 2002
Founder: Toledo
Headquarters: Shanghai, China
Despite having a lot to offer, Toledo isn’t a particularly well-known brand. They don’t even have an official website, for that matter. They are a Chinese company based in Shanghai, contrary to what the name suggests. These tires aren’t particularly different form all other treads from this part of the world.
Toledo treads are cheap and rough. But that also makes them a good option for mild driving conditions. You can generally buy a set for about 200 USD, and they’ll last for a long time, provided you follow the rules. They are an economic solution, and you really shouldn’t expect too much from them.
Obviously, one shouldn’t be a daring driver with these on. Unusually, the problem is the wear resistance, and not the conditions of the rubber itself. You won’t puncture them easily, but fast driving kills them faster than expected. They might not survive for much more than 15,000 km if you put too much stress on them.
If your driving is steady and soft, you can get away with about 30,000-40,000 km. It’s not too bad, considering you don’t pay much for them. Wear resistance is not really the chief problem – the chief problem is their handling and control, which could really be much better.
They do well enough on dry – not remarkable, but not awful either. On wet, you should be extremely careful, because they lose their grip very easily. That’s another reason why you have to be cautious while driving in these. On snow, you don’t want to know. They shine in mild climates, and it’s unadvised to use them in harsher environments.
Another problem they commonly share is they rigidness. On a good day, they aren’t really rigid, but if the temperature falls low enough, they are going to turn into wood fairly quickly. It doesn’t even need to be negative Centigrade – they often toughen up in mild temperatures.
It can make them potentially more withstanding, but what it definitely does is make your car sensitive you any peculiar shapes on the road. Whenever a tire goes over a bump, you’ll fill it. Moreover, when they are in such a state, they become noticeably louder.
You can buy these, but only if the weather around is always mild and warm.