Trailfinder tires

Trailfinder tires

Founded: 1999
Founder: Discount Tire
Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Trailfinder is an American tire brand launched by Discount Tire, specially developed for crossovers, SUVs, and trucks. According to the manufacturer, these tires are capable of satisfactory riding, showing strong traction on different types of surfaces. If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive set of all-terrain tires that could be equally good on highway and dirt roads, regardless of the drivetrain, Trailfinder will be the right choice.

Who makes Trailfinder tires? As one of the world’s largest tire retailers, Discount Tire offers the widest choice of tires from most global tire brands. The company operates in most of the US states, having over 1,000 stores across the country.

In many cases, new SUVs and trucks come equipped with just touring tires which are not good enough for off-road conditions and severe weather. If you’ve faced this issue, you can simply solve it with Trailfinder tires, considering their affordable price and driving qualities. By getting these really off-road tires, your car will show better maneuverability and control that can prevent possible accidents.

The All Terrain is the only line-up of Trailfinder at the moment. However, it is recommended for a wide range of vehicles. The model’s name itself gives a hint of its purpose as it is positioned to deliver dependable performance on every kind of road. The advantages of Trailfinder tires include sturdy construction, an aggressive outer design, and a broad variety of sizes.

Where to buy Trailfinder tires? Being a Discount Tire brand, the original tires are available at the company’s branded stores or the official website.

The tires’ original tread pattern is made up of zigzag grooves and interlocking sipes which ensure quite good traction and help remove water from the contact patch while driving on a rainy or snowy road. Offered in 16-18” sizes and 39-59 lb weight, Trailfinder tires are perfect for UTVs, considerably improving loading and towing capacity. In addition, they come with a 45,000-mile warranty that can keep you out of worrying about their durability. Depending on the size, speed rating, and load range, you may pay from $130 to $203 for a tire. And that is a sufficiently low price level for the A/T segment.

Trailfinder tires have largely earned good reviews from car enthusiasts who praise their adequate behavior in snow and mud and quiet riding on pavement. Another thing to commend is that they are easy to mount and balance.