Vision tires

Vision tires

Founded: 1976
Founder: Vision Wheel
Headquarters: Corona, California, USA

Vision is an American tire brand whose products cover the ATV/UTV, golf & lawn, and trailer segments. At the moment, the company’s product range includes 15 line-ups – so everyone can pick the right tire, depending on the vehicle’s model and driving style. Vision tires are distinguished by expressive tread designs hinting at their purpose and considerable sturdiness.

Who makes Vision tires? Launched as a modest retail tire and wheel store, Vision Wheel has eventually developed into a large enterprise with a number of divisions across the United States as well as in Canada and China. Besides tires and wheels, the company is also involved in producing various car components like oil coolers, condensers, and fan motors.

Most Vision tires are products developed for all-terrain vehicles. With their aggressive tread designs with vast voids, they are fitted for driving in the harshest conditions, weather rock, dirt, mud, or snow. Some models like Vision’s flagman Duo-Trax are suited to quad bikes and other mid-size power sports vehicles. Thanks to asymmetrical tread patterns, these tires can show dependable traction, giving the toughness needed for off-road adventures. With this, smooth riding is possible due to their radial construction improving stability and handling at high speeds.

The large Vision Journey series includes tires each of which has its own unique features. Some of them, for example, are specially developed for the front or rear axles. You can combine pairs of such tires for versatile traction that will be useful for cross-country riding. The strong compound used in them can prevent punctures and cuts, so you can be confident that your off-road excursions will be safe.

Where are Vision tires made? Most of the brand’s tires are produced in China, in cooperation with the experienced Chinese tire manufacturer Wanda Tyre which is a part of the multinational conglomerate Wanda Group.

Vision’s Load Boss trailer tires are designed for hauling and towing even in the most extreme load conditions. Their robust construction includes a couple of steel belts that reduce sway and improve wearing capacity. Their extended load abilities make them suitable for long-distance trips.

Taking into account the variety of Vision products, you have a wide choice to select the appropriate tire in terms of driving characteristics and budget. The brand’s ATV tires cost from $60 to $220, while the average price of the tires for L&G and trailers is about $150.