Travelstar tires

Travelstar tires

Founded: 2007
Founder: Unicorn Tire Corp.
Headquarters: USA
Parent: Unicorn Tire Corporation

Travelstar tires are appreciated by drivers, who they are looking for good quality products at competitive prices, bearing in mind also economical and safe travel.
The feature that definitely distinguishes this tire manufacturer from the competition is an attractive and very carefully prepared offer. You can find many different products in it that will allow you to get exactly the effect you want. A wide selection makes it possible to opt for cheap tires, choosing the right size and purpose. The offer presented by the manufacturer does not lack truck or industrial tires, but a fairly large part of it also includes carefully prepared passenger tires.

Who makes Travelstar tires
These environmentally friendly tires are manufactured by Unicorn Tire Corporation that meets the relevant requirements. They are characterized by low rolling resistance, which undoubtedly contributes to lower fuel consumption and high savings.

The factories produce modern tires for passenger cars and vans, but the company’s range does not end there. The brand’s tires are famous for their high safety, even in difficult road conditions. That is why they are popular in their class. Kleber also works directly with car manufacturers.

Where are Travelstar tires made
Travelstar tires come off production lines in factories located in the USA. Huge financial expenditures allow specialists and the best engineers of the brand to constantly modernize the offer, make it as attractive as possible and meet the needs of current and future users, regardless of the country of origin.

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