Triangle tires

Triangle tires

Founded: 1976
Founder: Weihai government
Headquarters: China
Parent: Triangle Group

Triangle Tire has been producing and exporting tires to global markets for over 40 years. The company’s success is confirmed by the fact that several million tires leave its factories every year.
In tests, tires were rated as safe. They guarantee driving confidence in every situation. The brand also has a lot to offer in terms of economy. A specialized rubber compound ensures low rolling resistance of the tire and an economical driving style.

Who makes Triangle tires
Triangle tires are manufactured by Triangle Group. The Asian brand’s offer includes models intended not only for passenger cars but also for trucks and agricultural machinery. The company also has experience in the design and production of tires for more specialized vehicles.

The manufacturer is able to offer high-quality car tires at a favorable price-quality ratio. The offer includes summer tires, winter tires as well as all-season tires. Due to continuous development, Triangle is able to improve the outstanding properties of its products. The tread pattern compound is improved. The result is excellent water buoyancy from the tire, which allows for top-class performance and maximum safety when driving in aquaplaning conditions. In this way, the braking distance on wet surfaces is also significantly reduced in the new tires.

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