Vercelli tires

Vercelli tires

Founded: 2018
Founder: American Omni Trading Company
Headquarters: Thailand, USA
Parent: American Omni Trading Company

Vercelli is proud of the quality and wide range of its products, and the main goal of the brand is to satisfy the desires of its customers. Vercelli offers a wide range of tires for cars and trucks. Vercelli tires are equipped with modern stabilization technologies, have high performance, low noise level, excellent stability and controllability. The best selling tires are the Vercelli Strata. They are sold in several types, each of which has special characteristics and is designed for certain types of vehicles.

Vercelli tires are manufactured by the American Omni Trading Company, a professional export and import company that buys goods from the tire industry around the world and delivers them to the right places. Vercelli tires are intended not only for passenger cars but also for racing cars, vans, and SUVs. The great potential of these tires lies in the possibility of their deepening and profiling. Other factors that contributed to this spectacular success of the brand were the use of high-quality abrasion-resistant compounds and solid construction.

The Vercelli brand belongs to AOT, a leading supplier in the tire industry with over 30 years of experience. Among the company’s products, you will wear a large selection of tires for cars, touring cars, trucks, agricultural, industrial, motorcycle, bicycle and special vehicles. Vercelli tires are products known for their quality. All products undergo a lot of research and tests so that customers can be 100% confident in safety and quality.

The company’s products are manufactured only in Thailand, where modern factories are located. Vercelli Tires are popular because they are imported from China and have affordable prices. The products of this brand are made from high quality rubber compounds and technologies that are used by both expensive and cheaper brands. These tires are dedicated to vans that travel on national roads and highways of different quality. They meet all the requirements of high mileage, traction, and grip. Thanks to them, the driver can feel full comfort and relaxation during the journey.