Viking tires

Viking tires

Founded: 1920
Founder: Peter Mathias Røwde
Headquarters: Germany
Parent: Continental AG

Viking is a German brand manufactured by the European company Continental AG. The tires produced by this company are middle class, but they are chosen by drivers who need good quality tires at affordable prices. The Viking brand is developing extremely dynamically, and is already known not only in Europe, but also beyond its borders.
Do you often ride long routes? Does your car have a high or low power engine? What is your preferred driving style? Calm or dynamic? With more than 80 years of experience, the manufacturer selects tires individually for each customer, guaranteeing safety and perfection.
You will find Viking tires to suit all weather conditions:

  1. Viking winter tires are an excellent choice for drivers who value good quality at a reasonable price. The modern directional tread ensures excellent driving in winter conditions, provides better braking and traction on wet surfaces, snow, and ice, combined with good maneuverability.
  2. Viking all-season tires are designed for drivers who do not want to change their summer and winter tires depending on the season and are looking for a compromise solution.
  3. The main advantage of Viking summer tires is a 20% increase in mileage while maintaining high safety parameters. Thanks to the

optimal tread structure, the tires resist abrasion, run smoothly, and provide effective braking on wet roads.
The manufacturer produces tires that provide the same driving conditions as much more expensive and competitive brands. In addition to the price advantage, it is worth noting, for example, an innovative tread pattern, which increases the car’s stability on snow and wet surfaces, as well as a reinforced structure, which significantly extends the possible service life.

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