Waterfall tires

Waterfall tires

Founded: 2000
Founder: Kolsan Company
Headquarters: Turkey
Parent: Kolsan
Website: http://www.waterfalltire.com/

The company’s products meet European quality standards, as evidenced by the existing certificates. In the process of manufacturing tires, the latest equipment, high-tech control and metering devices are used, so the company produces only unique winter, summer and all-season tires for cars, light trucks, crossovers and SUVs, as well as for trucks and buses.

Who makes Waterfall tires?

The Waterfall trademark is the property of the Turkish concern Kolsan, which produces winter, summer and all-season tires for such well-known companies as Goodyear, Pirelli. The company was founded in 2000 to “serve the tire industry”.

Summer tires Waterfall are known for their economy, excellent handling, acoustic and ride comfort. The tires are easily adaptable to all weather conditions and different road conditions. The applied technologies and progressive methods make it possible to create real masterpieces worthy of the attention of car owners around the world.
Summer tires have a symmetrically non-directional tread pattern, capable of providing safe and comfortable movement in heat and rain. Optimized fuel consumption saves a significant amount, and also guarantees environmental friendliness of rubber, because the less fuel is consumed, the lower the level of environmental pollution.
As for the Waterfall winter rubber, it is made from a compound that contains natural and synthetic ingredients. These tires are resistant to low temperatures, wear, chemical and mechanical stress. Due to the unique tread designs, excellent contact with the snowy and icy surface and effective braking are guaranteed. Spacious drainage systems easily cope with the removal of the water-ice mixture, minimizing the risk of breakdown in planning, side drifts.
All-season Waterfall tires are not as in demand as winter and summer tires, but in cities where roads are constantly cleared of snow, they are quite acceptable.