Zeta tires

Zeta tires

Founded: 2007
Founder: SD
Headquarters: Shanghai, USA
Parent: American SD
Website: https://www.zeta-tyres.com/

Before being bought off by the Chinese SD conglomerate, Zeta has been a Michelin brand. However, they seemingly never made anything during that period of their life. Nowadays, over 10 years into their inception, they are amongst the leading tire brands in China.
It doesn’t say a whole lot, however. As you probably very well know yourself, Chinese tires are generally cheaply made, unreliable, but many in quantity. This brand isn’t too different from its competitors. They also try to flood the market with their cheap products.
However, this time they’re successful. At least due to this fact, you should give them a read and see if they truly stand up to their claim of being ‘leading’ in the industry.

Who makes Zeta tires? For some time during their first years, the tires of this company were made by the big Western factories – most notably Krupe and Fisher. Right now, they have probably abandoned their well-established colleagues, since they have facilities of their own in their homeland now.

When it comes to quality, Zeta is not the top producer. Moreover, they can’t really compete with even the European runner-ups. Nevertheless, they are not atrocious. They’ve successfully settled in 89 countries of the world now, because they give a satisfactory result for their low price.
If you need a pack of tires to survive the nearest future and the conditions aren’t too severe – you can safely choose Zeta. However, if you expect the roads to be challenging, Zeta is an absolute no-no. These tires can take a good doze of stress, but they are still very fragile.
It’s much better than remolding your last tires or even nothing. If you feel your driving won’t be too rough, you might give Zeta tires a go.

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