Aeolus tires

Aeolus tires

Founded: 1965
Headquarters: Jiaozuo, China

Aeolus is a rapidly growing tire brand hailing from China. They have been especially prominent in the European market since the beginning of the century. There, they have grown a modestly sized name, but their general reputation stays in a very high place. Their tires are made very well.

Who make Aeolus tires? This brand creates tires from scratch on its own. They have several factories across East Asia, and they generally never have any significant defects.

Their passenger tires are very cheap, naturally. You can buy them for $50, no problem. But you’ll probably have to order them online, as they don’t have a lot of tires stores outside of China, and independent dealers don’t always have them in store.
Surprisingly, their quality is superb. The grip is fantastic, and you can go over all sorts of roads with these on, given you’re using them in urban surroundings. Their softness helps a lot – they can go almost anywhere thanks to it. However, it’s not really recommended to go off-road.
Their longevity is a main issue, although it’s forgivable for this amount of money. They generally don’t last much longer than 30,000 km in total.

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