Americus tires

Americus tires

Founded: 1990
Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Americus is a minor American tire brand from Texas. They pose themselves as a producer of high-performance tires that can climb any sort of terrain. In fact, they have a lot of all-terrain and nearly all-terrain tires to offer. Many of them are affordable offers with decent characteristics.

Who makes Americus tires? Americus is an independent company and they have a luxury of controlling the entire creative process from top to bottom.

Americus all-terrain tires are rather more affordable than usual. There are offers that cost $100 with all the necessary features and the utmost quality of make. The standard off-road tires will still cost about $150. Furthermore, there are cheaper ‘touring’ (usual urban) tires that cost about $60 and don’t really have any significant flaws.

Where are Americus tires made? The bulk of their manufacturing capacities are located in Texas and some other American states. So, all of your Americus tires would be America-made, as they should.

Americus AT tires are made very well. As they should be, they can traverse all sorts of environments with ease, although they aren’t recommended to use on asphalt and other paved surfaces. The noise is going to rise very substantially. In other cases, they are actually not noisy at all.
They also last very long – the touring variants can reach 60,000 miles minimum, and the AT ones are even better.