Antares tires

Antares tires

Founded: 2006
Headquarters: Guangdong, China

Antares is a relatively new addition to the Chinese market of tires. They have also been expanding elsewhere, especially into US. There’s really nothing special about them, except the fact that they are actually good and last for a good while. You do need to be a friendly driver to wear them, though.

Who makes Antares tires? Antares is largely an independent company, but the supplier Junhong Co controls a lot of their activities given the close relationship of the two companies. They mainly work together on research & development.

These tires are inexpensive, like most Chinese treads. Despite this, they provide a good enough traction. As a result, they ride pretty well on most surfaces. Be aware, if there is something very challenging on the road ahead, you really need to slow down. Many aggressive drivers have, in the past, made a mistake of racing in these.

Where are Antares tiers made? A lot of their tires are created in Qingdao, China’s unofficial rubber capital. The tire companies located there don’t often produce defective tires.

These tires are not for racing or any aggressive driving at all – the sidewalls are very thin and flimsy. A well-aimed pebble can damage them pretty significantly. Still, they last for a good while. The warranty is at 40,000 km, but you can squeeze even 60,000 out of them, if you’re cautious enough.
A good deal, for what you pay.