Arizonian tires

Arizonian tires

Founded: 1960+
Founder: Cooper
Headquarters: Findlay, Ohio, USA
Parent: Cooper

Arizonian is a special brand of economical car tires from Cooper. They aren’t really available anywhere besides America, and they were never meant to. Arizonian tires are a collection of affordable treads that any American can purchase and ride in for at least a couple of seasons.

Who makes Arizonian tires? Cooper manufactures and largely develops them on their own. It’s a good thing, although you won’t get any of the latest Cooper’s technologies on these tire, they aren’t as prioritized.

So, Arizonians cost a lot less than the regular American tires. The prices sit at $50 and $40 by design – these are designed to be affordable for everyone. They have several flaws because of that, but, really, they aren’t much worse than regular Chinese treads, and those have been improving steadily for years.

Where are Arizonian tires made? Arizonians are manufactured on Cooper’s American facilities. There’s really no reason to make them anywhere abroad, because they are bought overwhelmingly by the Americans on (an American website).

The grip on these is decent enough – the dry is fantastic, the wet is alright, although they can stumble on snow and ice. You can still drive them in winter, but you’ll have to be careful. Chances are, they won’t simply give up on you in the middle on a road, but you can never know.
Decent treads, all things considered.