Arisun tires


Founded: 2011
Founder: Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. (ZC Rubber)

Arisun is a tire brand of Chinese origin. It is mainly oriented towards the North and South American market, specializing in tires for all-terrain and utility vehicles, which offer a lot of excellent options for off-road driving.

Who makes the Arisun tires? Designed in the United States, the tires of the brand are manufactured by the Zhongce Rubber company headquartered in Hangzhou, China. Established in 1958, the manufacturer ranks among the top 10 of the world’s tire makers.

The product range of Arisun consists of various types of tires for different kinds of vehicles. Specially developed for off-road conditions, the brand’s tires are distinguished with deeper lugs and original tread design. They also show the best wear capacity and performance through unique side protection.
While making the Arisun tires, the manufacturer applies Kevlar technology using a strong synthetic fiber. This provides the brand’s products with great features including cut and chip resistance and advanced durability for the sidewalls and treads, increasing safety and life span.
As for pricing, the passenger tires like Aggressor or Aresta may cost about $60 on average. Naturally, the ATV tires for racing or truck vehicles are more expensive – you may pay for them from $100 to $300. Compared to other brands, these are quite affordable price levels, especially for those who looks for better price-quality suggestions.

Where are the Arisun tires made? Most of the brand’s tires come from China. ZC Rubber also has facilities in Thailand and Brazil.

Directional tread patterns with deeper lugs as well as an 8-ply construction are among the base features of some brand tires for off-road vehicles. The combination of these characteristics remarkably improves the driving performance and traction on unpaved surfaces.
The technologies used in the Arisun tires make them consistent with all the contemporary standards. For instance, the “velvet effect” is achieved by increased light absorption on the sidewalls – this kind of technology, by the way, is applied in the Michelin tires.
The rubber hybrid compound with the advanced dispersion of the silicate filler enables better traction and decreases wheel rolling resistance and thus reduces fuel consumption.
The tread blocks are less prone to deformation under heavy loads thanks to the bevel faces. During braking, they increase the contact area of the tires, improve traction and braking efficiency as well as the reaction to the steering.
The adaptive tread stabilization technology promotes a more even distribution of pressure in the contact patch, which minimizes uneven wear and increases the service life.
The shoulder sections in the Arisun tires have a closed design that effectively blocks the noise generated by the tread, thereby increasing the acoustic comfort in the car. It is also worth noting the presence of special elements in the shoulder sections (Soundbolt Array technology) designed to further reduce the level of noise generation.
The Arisun tires are a perfect choice if you’re looking for cheaper tires for your SUV. In addition, this is a brand with a rich history that has gained a fairly decent reputation on the market, offering high-class products and strong backing to them.