Carlisle tires


Founded: 1917
Founder: Carlisle Tire & Rubber Company (Carlisle Companies, Inc.)
Headquarter: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Carlisle is one of the oldest tire brands in the United States. Originally producing inner tubes, the company now manufactures various tires mainly for lawn and garden vehicles, high-speed trailers, and industrial and agriculture machinery. Also, you can find ATV tubes and tires among the Carlisle offerings.

Who makes the Carlisle tires? The parent company for these brand tires is Carlisle Companies which has a rich history. Today, the business unites several directions including construction materials and electronic and chemical technologies.

The manufacturer positions its products as tires that show high-standard performance, and are created not only for everyday work, but also for adventures. Indeed, the Carlisle tires have gained global recognition, being used by many automakers for their cars. And Carlisle’s key to success lies in high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology.
The distinct features of the Carlisle tires include wearproof rubber compounds as well as high-tensile steel belts. Such a combination confers a clear benefit, increasing shock resistance, and reducing rolling resistance. And, sure, all of this results in good durability.
The prices for Carlisle tires are quite reasonable, being in accordance with the features they have. Carlisle’s line-ups count a wide number of entries, so it’s not easy to go over all the options. However, to give you an example, the price range for the most popular Carlisle trailer tires is between $40 and $150. The greatest demand is for the Radial Trail HD and Ground Force series.

Where are Carlisle tires are made? To manufacture their branded tires, Carlisle Companies has two plants in Clinton and Jackson, Tennessee. Apart from that, the firm owns a smaller tire factory in China.

Being safe, durable, and reliable, Carlisle tires are perfect for driving at any distance. Besides high-quality materials, their longevity and wear-resistance are possible through a considered structure including interconnected tread blocks, improving traction, and ozone weathering protection which is intended to extend life span, while minimizing damage With this, load-carrying capacity is increased thanks to multiple plies.
The Carlisle tires for heavy machinery are distinguished with a special radial construction combining smooth ride and good traction, that can undoubted increase the working efficiency of the vehicles. As a rule, these tires feature engineered compounds making their service life longer, and lateral grooves for better traction in wet conditions.
While the average service life of trailer tires is 3 years, although it depends on how often and in what conditions they are used, experts estimate that some Carlisle tires can serve you 15% longer. In this, a big role is played by their better speed highway driving ratings and load range availability.