Sentury tires


Founded: 2009
Founder: Sentury Tires
Headquarter: Qingdao, China

Sentury is a tire brand from China, which has quickly reached one of the leading positions in the industry and become popular through high-quality all-season tire line-ups. Oriented mainly towards the North American market, the Sentury tires demonstrate perfect performance on dry and wet roads that can be appreciated by those who own passenger cars, whether sedans, coupes, or minivans.

Who makes Sentury tires? Qingdao-based Sentury Tire (formerly Sintaida Group) is a relatively young company. However, it has been able to evolve into a large enterprise in a short time, manufacturing tires not only for consumer or commercial vehicles, but also for aircraft.

Sentury Tire’s product range for vehicles covers a touring, crossover, and high-performance segments. The brand’s tires feature a specialized tread compound that allows good driving in any season and road condition, according to the manufacturer. Their flexibility is possible through advanced rubber withstanding a wide range of temperatures. With this, you may feel confident when you drive your car in cold or heat, relying on the tires’ rapid steering response.
Sentury tires design includes longitudinal and lateral grooves which make traction and grip better in wet weather conditions, repelling water from the contact patch. The wide shoulder blocks ensure good maneuverability and strong control for highway driving, while straight-line stability is provided by the solid central rib.

Where are Sentury tires made? According to the official information, most of the products for outer markets come from the brand’s factory in Thailand. The facility has been awarded the 4.0 “Smart Factory” status meaning that the production is carried out in accordance with the standards of high-tech productivity and sustainability.

When it comes to prices, Sentury tires are quite affordable, especially compared to the premium competition. And it’s another advantage, considering the features they offer. The prices for passenger cars, offered by most of the dealerships, start from $50. And for the top Sentury UHPT model, you can pay up to $175.
Anyway, the real performance of Sentury tires depends on the model. For instance, the most popular Sentury Touring, indeed, performs well on dry surfaces, showing good traction and cornering grip, and a short braking distance. However, driving may not be so perfect in rainy weather, according to some experts. In this aspect, these tires are somewhat inferior to premium tires.
Despite poorer performance in severe weather, Sentury tires are still sufficiently good for standard driving conditions, standing out from their counterparts in the low-cost sector. You can consider them as an option if you’re seeking cheap but reliable tires.