Atturo tires

Atturo tires

Founded: 2009
Founder: Atturo
Headquarters: Waukegan, Illinois, USA

Atturo are higher-performance American tires. It’s a private brand, so they naturally have fewer resources than big companies like Cooper or Goodyear. Because of it, you can rarely see them anywhere outside of US and some luckier European tires. And it’s a shame really.

Who makes Atturo tires? By all accounts, they don’t outsource it to anyone, and the entire production cycle starts and ends at Atturo facilities.

Atturo’s assortment is largely comprised of different all-terrain and off-road tires, including treads for SUVs, light trucks, jeeps and 4x4s. Naturally, it makes their usual pricing higher than usual. At the same time, Atturo off-road tires cost much less than the premium all-terrain treads with a huge markup.
AT Atturo tires cost $75-$130 on average, and that’s less than what you’d pay for ‘premium’ mud tires. At the same time, these treads aren’t terribly worse than you might expect. They have their problems, that’s true, but they are also more economically sound and, therefore, precious.

Where are Atturo tires made? The majority of Atturo tires are manufactured on plants all over America, which is usually regarded as a sign of quality, although it’s not always so easy. But in this case, it does.

First of all, Atturo treads can last for a long time. The expected mileage is a bit shorter than usual on mud tires, but not terribly so. The warranted amount ranges from 45,000 to 60,000 miles. Obviously, they can do even better with good care, but premium tires warrant even more at times.
It’s the question whether you want to pay more for more enduring tires or not. If you do, you can actually buy the best in this assortment, and their performance would be as good as what premium tires give you.
At the same time, their grip and handling are decent enough. The problem with them is that they are a bit awkward, especially if you buy ‘half-mud’ tires, like the SUV treads that can be used off-road. These tires can be hard to stir or they can even stumble in clay, dirt or grass if the situation is bad enough.
On the standard ice, snow and mud, they are mostly very good. On highways and in the streets, they are perfect. A bit noisy, but it can actually be remedied if you but the crossover options – they represent the middle ground between going all-in for AT tires and staying on the road.
So, you can, in fact, pick your tread down to the smallest of details. They’ve produced a lot of these over the years, and some of these tires aren’t really all-terrain. They have usual ‘touring’ treads for urban use, like the AZ610 – one of the few truly urban treads they got here.
And even this one performs very well on dry, wet and ice. In fact, part of the reason why they’re so enduring is an effective pattern on the treads. It’s not just great at going over debris, water and other junk, but it’s also well-designed.
And lastly, they are also comfortable. Exactly how comfortable, depends on the car you drive, but these tires are generally very flexible and soft. It means they can traverse challenging pathways without giving you too much pain. So, they are good tires all around.
If you can find them where you live, you should absolutely give them a go. All of their tires (even the ‘touring’ ones) are imbued with the spirit of being free to go wherever you please. For this money, they are absolutely worth taking