Belshina tires


Belshina is a low-budget brand of tires from Belarus. Operating since 1963, the company comes up with a variety of winter, summer and all-season tires for passenger cars, SUVs, minibuses, and agricultural tractors and machines.

General information

Belshina tires cater to drivers’ basic needs and present an attractive price/quality ratio. Because affordability is a number-one criterion for drivers in Belarus and many other countries, Belshina enjoys a good share in the domestic market. Tires demonstrate decent performance despite the low price.

Summer tires

Belshina summer tires demonstrate acceptable dry- road performance. The company makes several modifications.
Artmotion HP is an affordable option featuring an asymmetrical pattern. It is available in a variety of diameters that suit medium-sized and large vehicles. The tire has done well in dry- and wet road performance, handling, braking, and fuel economy tests, and it pars with many renowned European counterparts.
Artmotion is another summer tire by Belshina. It features an asymmetrical pattern too, and it is intended for small and medium-sized vehicles. Dry- and wet road performance, braking, handling and fuel economy tests have indicated that it is slightly behind the leading European products. However, it is quite so good within the low-budget category. It is not suitable for extreme or off-road driving.

Winter tires

Artmotion Snow is a Nordic winter tire with a directional tread pattern formed of middle grooves and siped blocks. It is a Velcro tire that suits passenger cars and crossovers. Performance tests have shown that it does well on snowed-up roads and is not good for wet roads.

All-season tires

Belshina BEL-275 are good for four-wheel drive vehicles. They demonstrate a a good grip on various types of surfaces, both dry and wet, and low high-speed noise. This tire shows better general performance than most low-budget tires. The pattern includes four grooves and blocks with sipes. Lateral grooves help remove dirt and water from the contact patch and provide for a firm grip and ensure good traction in both dirt and snow.


Belshina is a popular tire brand. They do well on snowed-up roads and in cities. As to their general performance, it is pretty much of a you-get-what-you-pay-for thing. Low-budget tires are not good on wet roads and show poor handling at high speeds. Most of them tent to be noisy. Many drivers report premature wear-down.

Summing it up

Low-budget Belshina tires do cater to common requirements and can satisfy you if you are a city driver. If you are planning to make long highway trips, you should be aware that they demonstrate a slightly longer than average braking distance. Wet road performance leaves something to be desired too.