Tunga tires


Tunga tires are made at four factories that are part of the Sibur – Russian Tires holding. They are located in Omsk and Yaroslavl, Russia. The brand makes both winter and summer tires that are available at affordable prices yet meet all national and international safety and reliability standards.
Tunga presents several winter and summer tires that are increasingly popular among owners of budget vehicles. Russian drivers do admit that tires made in Europe, the USA and Japan, are high quality. However, they appreciate the fact that Tunga tires are tested under more extreme conditions, because winters are harsher in Russia, and there are still lots of poor quality roads in the country.

General information

Belonging to Sibur – Russian Tires, a major Russian holding of tire makers, the Tunga brand offers a series of low-budget tires that demonstrate a good durability and performance. All tires are specially designed for Russia, and they are best suited for central and northern Russian regions. They are popular among owners of moderately priced passenger vehicles and SUVs from domestic and foreign car makers (Lada, Daewoo, Renault, etc.)

Tunga winter tires

Thanks to an attractive price/quality ratio, Russian drivers are increasingly positive about Tunga winter tires. They are a number of modifications that cater to individual needs.
Tunga C-140 demonstrates excellent performance in deep and slushy snow thanks to its unique pattern of drainage grooves and reliable studs.
Tunga C-142 Master has a unique V-shaped pattern that ensures effective water draining and prevents hydroplaning. Spikes sit firmly at the sides in a pattern that prevents skidding on icy roads.
Tunga Extreme Contact is much appreciated for an excellent grip ensured by a unique pattern of grooves and sipes and a specific rubber compound that increases wear-resistance and therefore life. These characteristics explain the tire’s high performance in all types of winter weather (deep snow, slush, ice, etc.)
Tunga Nordway boasts a tread pattern that provides for a firm grip and helps remove snow, dirt and debris from the contact patch. Spikes are made of an aluminum alloy and therefore do not rust. Each spike has a leg with a star-like flare that is attached to the internal cord. This explains why the tire loses only 10% to 12% of spikes over a season.

Tunga summer tires

Tunga PS-3 is one of the most popular low-price tire in Russia. It features a symmetrical tread pattern with drainage grooves that remove water from the contact patch and prevent hydroplaning. The tire is impact-resistant and survives poor quality roads for a long period of time.
Tunga Camina PS-4 has engagement edges that ensure secure and stable driving and safe braking. The rubber contains shungite that raises wear- and impact-resistance. The tire does well on all types of roads.
Tunga Zodiak originates from a sports tire model and therefore has a high speed index.
Finally, Tunga 4×4 features a tread pattern and rubber compound making it suitable for off-road driving.


There are some weak spots that many drivers note. Particularly, Tunga tires tend to be noisy at high speed. Some drivers note premature wear and say they are good for driving in the city only. They say Tunga tires become hard to handle on highways and at higher speeds.

Summing it up

Tunga tires are a good option for low-budget vehicles. The brand produces tires that demonstrate a good grip and traction and hydroplaning characteristics. However, most drivers say Tungas are good for driving in the city, not highway driving. The brand places a greater emphasis on wihter tires.