Bridgestone tires

Bridgestone tires

Founded: 1931
Founder: Shojiro Ishibashi
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Bridgestone are a large brand of various tires from Japan. It’s one of those worldwide name people often talk about. Unlike them, Bridgestone tends is often much more affordable. They also have a wide selection of tires for all sorts of cars, seasons and driving styles, as you’ll see.

Who makes Bridgestone tires? A large majority of Bridgestone tires are made by them, Bridgestone. Given their large experience and advanced research, it’s very good for the customers. They are amongst the best manufacturers in the world.

Bridgestone tires are notoriously affordable, like many Japanese tires. They are not especially cheap, but not expensive either. Combine it with their intensive sturdiness, and you’ll get a set of very valuable tires.

Who sells Bridgestone tires? Bridgestone has many tire salons all across the globe. They also sell via independent dealers. Either way, wherever you are – there are always Bridgestones on sale in the vicinity.

There are many types of tires, and even the usual passenger variants are divided into several collections, Blizzak (winter) and Turanza (summer) being amongst the most favored by the customers.

Where are Bridgestone tires made? A big portion of Bridgestone plants are located in the USA – in the Eastern third of the country. There are also 2 plants in Europe (in Poland and Germany) and one plant in Beijing, China. All of them are owned by Bridgestone in one way or another.

Whatever you pick, they are all very sturdy. A regular Bridgestone tire can live many years, some living for up to 100.000 km in mileage. It has everything to do with their toughness. Sure, they could be a little stiff, especially in the sidewalls, but that’s what makes them so enduring.

Who owns Bridgestone tires? Bridgestone is a large independent company that exists since 1931. It’s unlikely that any other likewise sizeable brand will buy them off in the near future.

The grip on these tires is also extraordinary – starting with their main winter collection Blizzak and all the way to their summer variants like Turanza and Potenza tires. There are more of them, surely – Ecopia are environmentally-friendly tires and Dueler tires are fit for all sorts of terrain.
Regardless, the traction is superb on all of them. They do their respective duties very well – for instance, Blizzak tires almost never lose traction on ice and snow, and Turanza maintain a strong grip in all types of summer weather.
In addition, they are also very quiet. It’s essential if you look for comfort as well as practical use in your tires. They aren’t noiseless, of course – they have to slog through a lot, after all. But even after all their hard work they aren’t really noisy, especially in the beginning.

Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires

Bridgestone also has a large variety of motorcycle tires, most of which are called Battlax. They aren’t much costlier than usual, and they are quite great on the road. The grip (life-saving for motorcycles) is great, like all Bridgestone products.
They work great in all temperatures and conditions, although it’s better to get a tire for your specific driving style, because they aren’t all the same.
The average wear on these is about 5,000 km, which is great. Overall, they are worth buying.

Bridgestone Truck Tires

Truck tires are covered here by the off-road variants and the commercial truck variants. There’s a lot of difference, because the former are much larger and, obviously, costlier. Essentially, though, both types provide good traction, control and durability – the former to a much better result, given the circumstances of their use.
Like with everything, in this case Bridgestone tires provide good results for a fairly low cost.