Coker tires


Founded: 1958
Founder: Coker Tire Co.
Headquarter: Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Coker is an American tire brand specializing in tires and wheels for vintage cars and motorcycles. So, if you’re an owner, for example of the 1967 Dodge Charger or the 1970 Pontiac Firebird, the Coker products are what you need to equip your vehicle in the spirit of those old times.

Who makes Coker tires? Launched as a tire and service center, Coker Tire has been involved in producing and selling tires for antique vehicles since the 1960s. To produce vintage-style tires of some popular brands, the company obtained manufacturing rights from their original manufacturers.

Coker Tire offers tires manufactured under its own brand, including radial and bias ply models, as well as tires of such famous brands as Excelsior, Michelin, American Classic, B.F. Goodrich, and U.S. Royal. Manufactured with the use of contemporary materials according to original drawings and samples, the Coker products absolutely look like those old tires that were being used 60 or 70 years ago. Many tire models were revived thanks to the personal efforts of the brand’s co-founder Corky Coker who visited many countries, purposely looking for discontinued molds that could be used for modern tire manufacturing. The company’s product range also includes original spare tires that are suited to a large number of vintage car models.
Considering the brands and models that the company works with, you can guess the diversity of options and designs of Coker tires. Among them, you can find tires for almost everything that can be labeled as “vintage” or “old school”. One of the distinct features of the branded Coker radial tires is a white sidewall (so-called “whitewalls”). Some tires have red lines or other sidewall designs.
The price range for Coker tires is as wide as the product choice. The cheapest tire usually costs about $95, while the top price can exceed $300. And of course, the rarer model you choose, the more you will have to pay for it.

Where are Coker tires made? The company manufactures its tires at a factory in Tennessee. They are available through Coker Tire’s distribution partners in ten states.

Modern Coker tires are distinguished with a narrow tread profile and clear shoulder lines. And this design was influenced by vintage bias ply tires as well. They are much appreciated by lovers of vintageness through their appearance and the driving comfort they offer.
The durability of Coker tires depends on the material they’re made of. Most tires are really made of modern materials and show rather good wear resistance. However, some vintage models are built on refurbished molds and with the use of authentic materials to recreate an older appearance, and that cannot guarantee that they will withstand possible loads. So it would be better to use them as decorative replacement tires.
Obviously, performance is not a priority for Coker tire buyers. Mostly, Coker tires are chosen by those who enjoy owning vintage vehicles from decades ago and take pride in taking them onto the streets for everyone to see.