Tensor tires


Founded: 2013
Founder: Tensor Tire
Headquarter: Santa Fe Springs, California, USA
Website: https://tensortire.com/

Tensor is an American tire brand focusing on products for SUVs, racing cars, and expedition vehicles. Belonging to the UTV category, Tensor tires demonstrate a unique off-road capability that can prove indispensable for racing enthusiasts or wilderness travelers.

Who makes Tensor tires? For the first years of its existence, Tensor Tire was considered an ordinary tire company until it presented the 32” Desert Series race tire in 2016. Since then, the brand won recognition, manufacturing high-quality large-size UTV tires. Apart from tires, Tensor Tire offers wheel & tire packages as well as branded apparel items including t-shirts and caps.

The Tensor Tire lineups include versatile tires for all-terrain and utility terrain vehicles. With them, you can easily drive on rock, sand, or muddy roads. The powerful design of Tensor tires is suitable for uneven surfaces and other harsh driving conditions. Great performance and excellent durability are what make them popular with racers and hardcore enthusiasts.
Besides the DS tire which is specially created for motorsport UTVs, the manufacturer’s offerings include the Desert Series Race and Regulator A/T tire. The former, according to its name, is a race-inspired tire performing at the highest level even in rough terrains, while the latter will be good for leisure and work-related activities.
When it comes to prices, such serious equipment as Tensor tires certainly can’t be called cheap. Depending on the size and design, the branded DS tire can cost from $250 to 420. However, if you are not a big racing enthusiast, and simply want to empower your UTV with quality tires, you can buy a set of the cheaper Tensor Regulators for $800 on average.

Where are Tensor tires available? Tensor Tire sells its products through several tire dealerships across the United States, including Discount Tire, 4 Wheel Parts, and Summit Racing Equipment.

As for design, Tensor tires are distinguished with a range of impressive features that clearly point to their racing/motorsport purpose. Their closed tread patterns provide a proper level of traction and grip while decreasing engine load. Consequently, you’ll be able to drive faster, and your vehicle will consume less fuel. The tire treads are designed with more biting edges that can be a distinct advantage, giving faster acceleration, and thus, you get a chance to overtake your rivals on the track. In addition, steering response can be improved thanks to a larger and flatter contact spot which, in turn, reduces the stopping distance.
If you are looking for UTV tires of great dependability and advanced capability, Tensor tires are what you need. Whatever size you choose, they will show the best performance in any difficult driving conditions, and that entirely justifies their price.