Corsa tires


Founded: 2003
Founder: Omni United PTE
Headquarter: Singapore

Corsa is a tire brand of Singapore origin, producing tires for sport utility vehicles and light trucks. The brand’s products offer high levels of safety and comfort for quite affordable prices. Among the Corsa offerings, you can find all-terrain and highway tires showing excellent driving characteristics in all seasons.

Who makes Corsa tires? Launched by Singapore entrepreneur G.S. Sareen, Omni United is one of the prominent tire manufacturers in South East Asia. Besides Corsa, it owns other tire brands including Radar, Timberland, Patriot, and American Tourer. The company sells more than 5 million units of various tires a year in 50 countries, collaborating with several enterprises in China, Indonesia, Thailand, and India.

The Corsa product range includes three major lineups: All-Terrain, Highway Terrain, and Highway Terrain Plus. Backed by a 40,000-mile warranty, the brand’s tires are distinguished by a strong architecture possible through a rugged tread compound and expressive tread design that will allow your car to drive in off-road conditions.
The budget All-Terrain is an option for you if you’re not going to drive on rocks and serious mudding, but only want to reinforce your SUV for driving, for example, in unpaved country lanes or gravel roads in any weather. The durability of Corsa tires is achieved through features such as inter-connected tie bars and raised rubber ridges, which improve cornering performance and steering response on any kind of surface, as well as stone ejectors designed to prevent damage from stones.

Where are Corsa tires made? Most of the brand’s tires are manufactured at a factory in East Cikarang, Indonesia, owned by Omni’s partner Multistrada Arah Sarana.

For light trucks and commercial vehicles, the manufacturer developed the Corsa H/T and Corsa H/T Plus offering dependable all-season performance and long-lasting lifespan. Their best driving qualities are provided by dense siping patterns, circumferential grooves, and a semi-solid continuous central rib. All these features can enhance cornering grip on a slippery road and reduce the risk of hydroplaning.
When it comes to prices, Corsa tires offer an optimal price-quality ratio. Depending on the series and size, they may cost from $70 to $175. Therefore, you have to pay on average $470 for a set of tires for your off-roadster or truck.
Overall, Corsa tires belong to a high-performance class, being helpful across different terrains and conditions. With them, you’ll be confident that your car won’t get stuck in mud, and the tire won’t blow out on a stony road. Also, these tires demonstrate smooth and comfortable driving on the highway, providing excellent traction and steering response. And considering all the features and prices of Corsa tires, you can figure out that they give a perfect opportunity to trick out your ride¬†without extra costs.