E-Z-GO tires


Founded: 1954
Founder: E-Z-GO (Textron)
Headquarters: Augusta, Georgia, USA
Website: https://ezgo.txtsv.com/

E-Z-GO is an American brand known for designing and producing light transportation vehicles for golf courses. The company also manufactures and sells tires and other accessories to equip its golf carts. The E-Z-GO tires are specially designed for smooth riding on golf fields, without damaging the surface.

Who makes E-Z-GO tires? The brand evolved from a small mechanic shop where two brothers were aiming to create a better golf car that would perfectly meet the needs of golf enthusiasts. Since 1960, E-Z-GO is a part of Textron Inc., an industrial conglomerate that is involved in the development of small aircraft, all-terrain vehicles, and construction equipment.

E-Z-GO tires fit not only for the E-Z-GO golf carts, but also for small vehicles from other manufacturers, including Club Car and Yamaha. The brand offers tire and wheel assemblies in a variety of sizes and designs. Besides golf cars, they can also be used for utility carts and personal transportation vehicles. Definitely, E-Z-GO tires is of high quality as they are made on the basis of the same technology as the Cessna aircraft and the Bell helicopters which are produced by Textron-owned companies.
Designed with an all-season tread compound, E-Z-GO tires show great performance on paved and unpaved surfaces. Their sufficient traction and grip are provided by unique tread patterns with a series of longitudinal and lateral grooves that can facilitate your driving even on wet turf or road surfaces. The design features can vary from tire to tire, though. The advanced E-Z-GO Links, for example, are built with bigger tread blocks and dipper lugs. This allows to use them to equip small utility terrain vehicles to transport compact cargo.

Where are E-Z-GO tires made? The company manufactures its products at its facilities in Augusta, GA. You can purchase E-Z-GO tires through the brand’s dealerships or by making an order on the company’s website.

The price for an E-Z-GO tire will depend on the size and the outlet. The most demanded models averagely cost about $100. But if you’re going to choose some of the brand’s top models with advanced wear resistance, be ready to pay up to $580 for a set of tires.
Generally speaking, E-Z-GO tires are developed to respond to all the aspects of golf carts and UTVs as well as the fields of application of the vehicles. They have sturdy construction, thanks to which they can handle soft and hard terrains, and also a stylish appearance that will able to embellish your golf car.