Dayton tires

Dayton tires

Founded: 1972
Founder: Bridgestone
Headquarters: Dayton, Ohio, USA
Parent: Bridgestone

Dayton is an old American tire brand, now under control of Bridgestone, who don’t usually provide bad quality. Well, neither does Dayton, most of the time. They are nowadays a brand that specializes on sturdy and cheap tires. As a result, they’ve developed several dependable tire options over the years.

Who makes Dayton tires? Usually, Dayton develop and manufacture their cars themselves – they have quite a bit of autonomy within Bridgestone family.

Most of their products are very cheap. While it’s often a clear indicator of poor quality, it’s not really the case here. They can be damaged with relative ease if you drive too aggressively or where your car isn’t supposed to be, but they can last for several seasons otherwise.
Comfort-wise, they are very average – the noise is alright, but the traction can slip. It’s most visible if you decide to drive fast over the empty road – the wheels may start to wiggle, bump or slip. So, most of their options aren’t advised for fast travelling.
The prices vary, because there are several tire options, but they are all within the ‘average’ category, when it comes to price. When it comes, in turn, to quality, they are pretty good.
In the end, it’s a fairly reliable tire family for their price, but they aren’t really suited for fast driving or especially wet ground, for that matter.

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