Deestone tires


Founded: 1977
Founder: Suvit Vongsariyavanich
Headquarters: Samut Sakhon, Thailand

Deestone is the major Thai manufacturer of tires for all sorts of vehicles. They focus especially on the mud tires, both for regular cars and for trucks. Their truck products are very well-done, but their car options are fairly controversial and divisive.

Where are Deestone tires made? An overwhelming majority of their tires are made in Thailand, on 5 main rubber factories located throughout this country.

The trucks tires they produce have large durability reserves (about 200.000 km) and also decent traction. They are actually amongst the best in this department, considering they are not very expensive, as well.
There are also several general use mud tires (for cars, mostly), and their quality varies pretty significantly.
Deestone’s selection of mud tires is alright cost-wise. They are more expensive than the usual tires, but it’s ordinary for the off-road rubber. In fact, Deestone pricing is relatively modest compared to the costs of buying other brands’ all-terrain tires.
The off-road options are generally good. They are made with visible quality, given good traction and durability. However, both the cheapest of them and most usual tires suffer from poor longevity, quality and gripping.
The usual tires are actually terrible, especially the R101 model. They disintegrate when they are still new and handle very poorly. They can slide, slip and wiggle in disregard to what their owner wants of them.
Bottom line is: only buy mud tires from Deestone, because their regular options are plainly dangerous.