Delinte tires

Delinte tires

Founded: 2008
Founder: Qingdao Sentury Tire
Headquarters: Hialeah, Florida, USA
Parent: Qingdao Sentury Tire

Delinte may be present at the American market, but, for all intents and purposes, they are a Chinese brand issued under the patronage of Sentury. They are considered a high-tech manufacturer and they do sell their tires at bigger prices than usual.
It doesn’t necessarily mean they are good, however – especially since they have a lot of product types on sale, including truck tires, all-terrain tires and generally high-performance ‘touring’ rubbers.

Who makes Delinte tires? Sentury uses their own resources to manufacture Delinte tires, although the brand develops these on their own.

They are made with the most recent technologies, some of which are given to Delinte/Sentury by many Western tire manufacturers. All of these materials and methods undergo the tests to fit the European standard. So, it means they should, at least in theory, rival big European brands in terms of quality.

Where are Delinte tires made? Most facilities are in China and owned by Sentury, although a lot of components and materials are developed or even taken completely from facilities all over Europe (Krupp, Rodolfo Comerio and others) and Japan.

These are not simple gestures – the help from older companies seems to increase the general quality of Delinte products. However, it varies significantly whether you look at their all-terrain rubbers or the usual summer tires.
There are two types of tire for the urban use. The first (and the most popular, by all accounts) is a ‘touring’ type – simply tires for everyday driving. They aren’t too special. In fact, some of them are pretty average. They do hold pretty long, handle very well, but lose some of their grip under harsher conditions.
For instance, your all-season DH2 can lose traction both on slush and on wet ground equally if you drive too fast. At the same time, the severe weather conditions seem to kill them rather faster than you’d like. They’ll still count thousands in mileage before disintegrating, but the number decreases if you drive irresponsibly.
The high-performance tires are a bit costlier than the affordable ‘touring’ tires. At the same time, they are much more durable, handle well at almost all times. You can even try driving fast in slush (they are all-season), but it’ll likely kill the tires faster.
Importantly, even though they grip the ground fairly tight, both the touring and performance tires are pretty soft, meaning you won’t likely feel discomfort while driving. The only issue is the noise, which can be quite distracting on the touring models, but this issue doesn’t always manifest itself.
Even more keep on performance than the last – the many mud tires produced by Delinte are justifiably excellent. They are pretty comfortable and live through quite a lot, meaning you can buy yourself 4 of these and not change them for a very long while.
This is when their high-tech comes into play. These all-terrain tires are both very durable and not really costly. Now, all mud tires are pretty costly, but these will pay you off significantly, given how they don’t die for a very long while. Keep in mind that some of these mud tires also fit light trucks, which are still much heavier than your usual SUVs.
In the end, Delinte tires are quite good. Many of them cost a bit more than usual tires (especially the Chinese tires), but the quality is proportionally better in most cases. When the quality isn’t as great, the price signifies it. For instance, the cheapest DH7 tires are also the worst in the selection.
You won’t regret buying these.