GBC Motorsports tires


Founded: 1995
Founder: Greenball Corporation
Headquarters: Anaheim, California, USA

GBC Motorsports is an American tire brand oriented toward racing and power sports vehicles. The brand’s tires are intended for ATVs and UTVs to reinforce them on every kind of terrain, whether dirt or rocky trails, closed courses, deep mud, or city streets. If you are a power sports enthusiast, GBC Motorsports tires are an easy choice for you as they offer high-quality riding and excellent performance attributes.

Who makes GBC Motorsports tires? Launched as an ordinary tire-selling company with a 2,300 sq ft warehouse, Greenball has steadily grown over the years, now having several distribution centers across the United States. Besides ATV/UTV tires, the company manufactures tires for trailers, light trucks, mobile homes, farming, and industrial machinery.

To withstand hard driving conditions, GBC Motorsports tires feature a wide range of constructional elements. Their advanced durability is possible through a strong carcass, while the unique tread design ensures great traction and towing.
The brand’s top selling models like Dirt Devil or Dirt Commander have quite an aggressive appearance with massive V-type treads providing extreme forward motion. When you look at them, you can get confident that your vehicle will overcome any obstacle and unevenness on its way. And thanks to the tires’ self-cleaning tread design, dirt, debris or stones won’t stuck long in the tread, and thus this will furtherly support a proper traction level.
If you are an owner of a quad bike, you should choose the GBC Motorsports Spartacus tires. Like their car siblings, they are sufficiently sturdy for riding in difficult conditions, including hilly or muddy trails. These tires are able to deliver a tight grip, maintaining good ground contact on any kind of surface. So you can feel safe, while racing or just having fun on your bike.

Where to buy GBC Motorsports tires? The tires from Greenball are being sold at the company’s branded dealerships in Newington, New Hampshire, and Anchorage, Alaska. You can also order them from online tire distributors like America’s Tire, Discount Tire, or Costco.

As for pricing, the popular models of GBC Motorsports tires are rather affordable. The prices for the top-selling Dirt Devil start from $60, while the advanced tires for the extreme power sports vehicles may cost from $180 to $250.
GBC Motorsports has proven to be one of the most reliable tire brands in the motorsports segment. The brand’s tires are well-known for their durability and all-around performance. While driving, they are quite predictable, demonstrating good steering response. Combined with high-rate wear resistance, this is what you need to feel confident on the off-road or the racing track.