Federal tires


Founded: 1954 Founder: Ma Chi San
Headquarters: Taoyuan, Taiwan
Website: https://www.federaltire.com/en/

Federal is one of the largest tire manufacturers in Taiwan. They’re notoriously not price, but not flawless either. Overall, their products are almost entirely in the mid grade of quality, despite being designed as ‘high-performance’ almost entirely.

Who makes Federal tires? Federal never had any parent companies, so the entire process of creating tires is their own responsibility.

The Federal rubbers are divided into several groups, but every single one is implied for high-performance driving (or at least not the usual driving). They aren’t bad, but they sure aren’t premium quality.
The controllability is suitable, but they can lose traction on wet or snowy surfaces, which is an enormous shortcoming. Still, safe driving somewhat nullifies this disadvantage. The tires aren’t expensive or especially tough – you shouldn’t drive reckless with these on anyway.

Where are Federal tires made? Half their enterprise is located at home, on Taiwan. The other half is in mainland China. It doesn’t make any significant difference, although their tires are bound to be cheap to produce.

The comfort is relatively good – although the tires can be very rough at times, which means bumps, shaking and other uncomfortable movements. They also become fairly noisy after some time.
In general, the quality of Federals is what you’d expect from this price category. But here’s the pickle – you can find a lot better tires for the same amount of money.