Forceum tires


Founded: 1966 Founder: Zafco
Headquarters: Indonesia
Parent: Zafco

A lot of Forceum tires are either high-performance or all-terrain. They are an Indonesian brand of sturdy tires with great handling and traction issued under Zafco patronage. The selection is pretty rich, and the prices are far from affordable, but it’s to be expected, considering the level of technology invested into these.
Traction and handling are by far the most praised aspects of these tires, although it should be noted that a lot of them are highly specialized. While many people understand the difference between an average summer rubber and a mud tire, ideal traction on the inappropriate surface won’t be guaranteed at all.
But if you drive responsibly and as intended, you are going to have a very good time. With most of this, you won’t lose control for a bit, they are just that good. Moreover, they are very sturdy – the design involves hardened carcass, meaning that only excessive stress can damage these tires under standard conditions.
The comfort level can vary. They generally handle well, but the noise isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes next to no sound reaches your ears, and sometimes they are very noisy. Depends both on the type of the car you drive and the sort of tire you preferred.
For the most part, Forceum tires will do great and last for a very long time.