Fullway tires

Fullway tires

Founded: 2003 Founder: Qingdao Fullrun
Headquarters: Qingdao, China
Parent: Qingdao Fullrun
Website: https://www.chaoyangtires.com/tire-brands/fullway/

Fullrun is a big Chinese supplier of tires, and Fullway is one of their chief brands. Like many other Chinese manufacturers, they specialize in creating affordable rubber at an expense of quality. It’s not always this way with the recent Chinese brands, but Fullway doesn’t seem to be an exception.

Who makes Fullway tires? Fullrun is responsible for manufacturing all Fullway tires and many other Chinese rubbers.

Although both the cost and the quality generally vary from product to product, Fullway is very consistent. Firstly, all of their tire models are pretty cheap. Secondly, they all have similar problems.
The most visible of them is the grip. While the majority of Fullways are great on dry ground, they lose a lot of their potential in rainy weather. In precarious situations and on turns, they aren’t very reliable. They may be an alright option if you know for certain there isn’t going to be even a drop of rain in the nearest future.
Then there are comfort issues – mainly, the noise. A lot of these rubbers are pretty noisy. It could be a lesser problem had they provided utility over comfort, but they don’t – traction isn’t nearly good enough to pay off the incessant noise.
Then there is the smoothness – or rather the lack of it. Constant bumps and other unauthorized movement is part of Fullway experience.
In short, these tires are extremely poor most of the time, and you’re highly advised to avoid them.

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