Fuzion tires

Fuzion tires

Founded: 1983 Founder: Bridgestone
Headquarters: California, USA
Parent: Bridgestone
Website: https://www.thefuzionzone.com/

Fuzion is a brand of near-premium tires from California, USA. A lot of their tires are either aimed for all-terrain use or meant to perform exceptionally well under grave conditions.

Who makes Fuzion tires? Fuzion is a brand of Bridgestone Americas, a North American branch of the Japanese ‘Bridgestone’ company. They make all their tires at home.

They are especially effective at providing traction control, which is perfect during good weather, bad weather and virtually any speed. Even the basic ‘touring’ models have very little slippage, as per numerous positive reviews. What’s more, almost all of them are meant for all seasons.
You do have to pay for this luxury, though. The high cost of mud tires is understandable and natural, but the usual tires are nearing the premium category. They are still not excessively previous, mind you. Still, Fuzion tires pay off their cost with an utmost efficacy and a pretty long life.

Where are Fuzion tires made? All Fuzion tires are made in America, primarily on Bridgestone’s facility at Tennessee.

In addition to great performance and durability, they are extremely comfortable. There are no involuntary movements, and the tires don’t produce a lot of noise. They aren’t too bad even without additional comfort solutions, but it’s nice to be comfortable for the amount of money you pay for Fuzions.
A great deal overall and well worth the money you pay for them.