Gislaved tires

Gislaved tires

Founded: 1893 Founder: W. Gislow, C. Gislow
Headquarters: Gislaved, Sweden

Gislaved is the tire manufacturer in Sweden and one of the most prominent in Europe as a whole. Given their Nordic origins, they are bound to have a lot of solutions to battle poor grip in winters, and they actually do have an answer to this predicament.

Who makes Gislaved tires? They never had a parent company, so they do all the manufacturing themselves and all over Europe.

Gislaved has a great assortment of tires for all purposes, including several summer variants, although it’s not really what these Swedes are known for. They are known for sticky winter rubbers meant for snowy environments.
They are not without flaws, but the grip is genuinely very good. Moreover, they are very persistent when it comes to circumventing snow, slush and other nasty obstacles. Interestingly, it’s one of the few European brands, whose tires behave well on ice. It’s a pretty rare sight.
At the same time, they aren’t all very durable. Most will hold for several seasons given you drive responsibly, but they’ll start falling apart afterwards. They are pretty cheap tires – you shouldn’t expect high quality materials from them.
All things considered, their tires are extremely cost-effective (at least their winter models are). The summer options can also boast some very great grip, but they aren’t as impressive as the ice-faring winter rubbers.
If you worry about the quality of your rubber this winter, you might consider buying one of these at least for several seasons.

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