Gladiator tires


Founded: 1982
Founder: American Pacific Industries
Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Gladiator is an American tire brand providing quality products for a wide range of high-performance vehicles, including ATV/UTV, light trucks, and commercial trucks. You can also find all-season passenger tires among the brand’s offerings. The tires’ name itself witnesses their robust structure that is able to withstand even harsh terrain conditions.

Who makes Gladiator tires? API is one of renowned leading manufacturers in its segment. To supply its products to markets, the company cooperates with some Asian enterprises. Besides Gladiator, API owns such tire brands as Xcomp and Zenna.

While developing Gladiator tires, the manufacturer was primarily keeping in mind the aspects of the heavy-duty cars. That means they are sufficiently sturdy and durable to drive long distances, allowing to haul sizeable cargo without any trouble. Considering the class and carrying capacity of your vehicle, you can always choose a proper tire from the product line of the brand. All the Gladiator tire lineups are good enough to ride on difficult surfaces, whether rocks, sand, gravel, or mud.
While driving a truck, good tires are the thing that significantly improves the handling. And that’s the case of the Gladiator tires, which are capable to provide stable and comfortable driving thanks to a range of features. The tire’s 5-rib tread pattern ensures dependable performance on dry and wet roads and excellent steering response in any weather conditions. The highest performance level is also supported by wide circumferential grooves and sipes on the intermediate and center ribs. On the whole, Gladiator tires are designed with a three-ply polyester casing and a tough rubber compound that resists uneven tread wear as well as tears, chips, and cuts. Furthermore, thanks to strong sidewalls, you can be confident that no bruise will appear on your tire, while driving on protruding surfaces or debris.

Where are Gladiator tires made? API outsources its tire production to Chinese factories, and then the tires are shipped to the United States. With this, the company gives a guarantee of the quality of its tires, protected by the brand’s exclusive Certificates.

Occupying the high-performance niche, Gladiator tires are priced tangibly higher than ordinary tires. Thus, the lower price for the Gladiator Radial is approximately at $150, while the models for more powerful trucks and SUVs can cost from $240 to $550.
Combining the outstanding features fitted for high-power cars, Gladiator tires will be an excellent choice for those who frequently drive on challenging terrains. With their sophisticated architecture, they can certainly please you, showing faultless behavior in different driving situations.