Goodride tires


Founded: 1958 Founder: ZC Rubber
Headquarters: Hangzhou, China
Parent: ZC Rubber

ZC Rubber is known for their cheap (in all senses) tires made in copious quantities. Goodride isn’t much different – when it comes to this brand, the price is the biggest advantage. There are more upsides, but they are also not without disadvantages. It’s natural, considering ZC isn’t the biggest patron of quality tires.

Who makes Goodride tires? Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company is, by their own estimation, the biggest tire supplier in China. They are in charge of manufacturing all Goodride tires, and they are also their sole owner.

It doesn’t inspire much quality – not simply because of their origin, but also because of ZC’s own reputation of flooding the market with cheap products. But Goodride tires seem alright. Moreover, for their average price, they seem like a great bargain.
The grip isn’t too bad – the all-season models are especially good. Goodrides hold alright both on wet and dry terrain, and even in moderately deep snow. Don’t expect wonders from them, however. They were made cheap, which means they won’t be too durable.
Do not expect comfort from them either – the handling isn’t the worst, but it could be much better. The noise can vary dramatically from car to car and product to product. In general, it’s not too noticeable.
For the price they ask of you, Goodrides are genuinely good. They aren’t objectively great, per se. However, if you resort to safe driving, they might just hold on for a very long time.