Interco tires


Founded: 1947
Founder: Interco Tire Corporation
Headquarters: Rayne, Louisiana, USA

Interco is an American tire brand specializing in producing high-performance tires for ATV/UTV, SUVs, and light trucks. Interco’s high-quality products come as a result of the company’s decades-long experience in developing off-road and all-terrain tread patterns. With their powerful design, the Interco tires can easily ride on hard surfaces, mud, sand, and swamps.

Who makes Interco tires? Launched as a small tire-selling enterprise, the company is a family business that is managed by the third generation now. Having a rich heritage, the brand became renowned not only for off-road tires but also for tires for agricultural and industrial machinery, racing motorcycles, and trailers.

Being one of Interco’s major product lineups, ATV/UTV tires are offered in different sizes and designs. The company’s most selling models are mud tires. Some of them are in production since the 1950s, retaining not only their tread designs and cords but also their catalog numbers, and that witnesses the brand’s permanence, and thus, product quality and the expertise of the manufacturer.
Most Interco tires, like the Black Mamba, Radial Reptile, or Swamp ATV, are characterized by expressive tread patterns that can help you get through the most difficult driving conditions. They offer a combination of different features providing great performance and decreasing ground disturbance, compared to other off-road tires.
Developed for driving on muddy surfaces, Interco tires’ design includes staggered lugs of different lengths which improve traction on slippery and damp roads. The all-terrain tires of the brand show excellent behavior at high and low speed, so it doesn’t matter what type of terrain you ride – you’ll appreciate the handling.

Where are Interco tires made? Almost all the brand’s tires are produced in the United States. However, the LTB model is outsourced to India. This business solution allows keeping the price for these tires down.

It’s worth noting that Interco tires are remarkably cheaper than similar high-performance tires from other manufacturers. Considering their average price of $125 and the powerful exterior, you can certainly comprehend that these tires are an advantageous choice to expressively equip your SUV or truck for easy driving on harshest terrains.
Interco tires truly deserve the highest grades for all the characteristics they offer. They can really surprise you with how they ride on the highway and how quiet they are. These tires are definitely recommended to those who are looking the off-road performance, yet still want some dependable drivability on-road.