GMZ Racing tires

GMZ Racing tires

Founded: 2018
Founder: GMZ Race Products
Headquarters: Riverside, California, USA

 GMZ Racing is an American tire brand that focuses on products for high-performance power sports and racing vehicles. If you take a look at the robust appearance of GMZ tires, you can figure out that they are really capable to withstand the harshest deserts and racing tracks. Their quality is highly appreciated by off-road enthusiasts and professional racers.

Who makes GMZ Racing tires? The brand was co-founded by three friends who already had many years of experience in the off-road and racing industry at the moment. Being serious ATV/UTV experts, they engaged in the production of wheels and tires. To test its products in real driving, the company involves many off-road enthusiasts and top athletes.

For ATVs, UTVs, and off-road trucks, GMZ has developed several models under the Sand Stripper brand. They are distinguished by quite impressive bulged tread designs with lateral paddles or longitudinal ribs and vast voids. This construction will allow you to take an easy ride through dunes and you won’t ever get stuck in the sand.

Some GMZ Racing tires are recommended for front or rear wheels only, following the specifics of driving on heavily uneven sandy surfaces. While used together, pairs of front and rear tires will provide your vehicle with stability and good steering response. Smooth dune transitions and maximum flotation are possible due to the extra wide footprints of these tires. Their massive paddle lugs, which were designed, keeping in mind UTV and SxS, will help power your machine over the dunes, while the tires’ bead and the wheel lip stay clean, protected by a special rim guard material. With such a combination of powerful features, GMZ Racing tires are must-haves for thrilling rides at the dunes.

Where to buy GMZ Racing tires? You can order the brand’s tires, as well as its wheels, on the GMZ Race website. They are also available through large tire distributors like Discount Tire, 4Wheels, or Costco.

While power sports tires always cost more expensive than ordinary car tires, the pricing for GMZ products is well within the common price range on the high-performance tire market. Depending on the model and size you choose, you may pay from $130 to $240 for a tire.

GMZ Racing tires have long been proven reliable within the racing community. They feel appropriate in all conditions and show good performance even after hours-long dune riding, delivering sufficient grip, while climbing and descending hills.