Hartland tires

Hartland tires

Founded: 2015
Founder: Discount Tire
Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

 Hartland is a tire brand owned by Discount Tire, one of the world’s largest tire retailers. The brand’s tires are mainly developed for trailers, showing a strong ability to withstand heavy loads. High-quality materials implemented through cutting-edge technology, as well as affordable prices, make them a favorable choice in the segment.

Who makes Hartland tires? The owning company is a well-known tire provider with decades-long experience in the industry. Operating more than 1,000 dealerships across the US, Discount Tire presents the largest choice of tires from global manufactures and a range of its own tire brands.

Trailer tires are a special subject. Car enthusiasts frequently try to save on tires for their wheelers, giving a better equipment for the car first. However, you have to get serious about this topic, if you are about to go on a sufficiently long trip. And Hartland tires are the option to settle the issue, significantly reducing the likelihood of tire blowouts on the road.

Being an easy tire brand to find, Hartland is quite popular with trailer owners as it offers excellent qualities to support towable vehicles. Thanks to their internal design, these tires are considered among the sturdiest and most reliable in their class. They are distinguished by an even 5-rib tread pattern with deep circumferential grooves and lateral askew sips, which provides proper traction. A special rubber compound prevents them from overheating when traveling long distances under heavy loads. Besides, Hartland tires are designed in a way to wear out evenly, so it guarantees their long lifespan.

Where are Hartland tires made? Like many other commercial heavy-load tires, these tires are manufactured  in China, branded for the US market. You can purchase them through the Discount Tire dealerships or the retailer’s website.

Hartland tires are G-rated in terms of load capacity, and this is one of the top indexes for heavy-duty tires, meaning that they can carry maximum weight of up to 6000 pounds. They are also marked with the N speed index telling that you may ride these tires at maximum speed of 87 mph. Among Hartland’s offering, you can choose the budget ST Radial which costs from $70 to $152, or the advanced ST Radial All Steel for $210 that will allow you to travel several thousands of miles without any serious trouble.

The popularity of Hartland tires has grown firstly due to Discount Tire itself as a reputable distributor. This is almost the only G-class tire brand owned by the company. With time, truckers and auto travel enthusiasts have appreciated the reliability of these tires showing extraordinary endurance on the road.