Nitto Terra Grappler AT Review

Nitto Terra Grappler AT Reviews

Are you looking for a rubber for your car that would conquer any road surface and in any weather? The best all-season SUV tire is the Nitto Terra Grappler AT in our store.
Any road, be it trail or off-road, will be passed without problems thanks to the balanced handling properties of these tires. This is possible due to the improved tread block arrangement system. The deep groove system serves as an effective drainage from the contact patch.

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These tires provide unobstructed passage on wet and dry surfaces almost silently and as comfortable as possible for the driver himself.

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  1. Excellent grip on dry, wet or snowy roads.
  2. Handles off-road well.
  3. Comfortable highway driving.


  1. Noisiness.
  2. Mud performance could be better.

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Nitto Terra Grappler are summer off-road tires that have proven themselves as quality and reliable road companions. They are fully consistent with their purpose, so the best rubber for jeeps is hard to find. The tires of this model range can be used for driving not only on asphalt but also on any off-road, which is a great advantage for this kind of rubber. In addition, these tires can be driven on any road, which makes them so versatile.

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During the production of the tire, the company’s engineers paid attention to every little detail, which is invisible to the naked eye but plays an important role. On the sides of each tire, there are two inscriptions located opposite each other. These are not just letters, thanks to them, the rubber gets rid of the imbalance in weight, and thus vibration is reduced. It also increases the wear resistance of car tires, so the motorist will ride them for a long time.
The special tread pattern on the Nitto Terra Grappler rubber is created using 3D modelling technology, so on bad road surfaces and in any weather, the wheels will have an excellent grip. It improves stability and handling on the road, which is important if you are driving on difficult road sections. With summer tires, the Nitto Terra Grappler is not afraid of poor road quality.

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Tires have a lot of sipes and grooves that play an important role. Their main task is to resist hydroplaning so that the rubber does not lose grip on wet surfaces. From the contact patch, water or dirt quickly falls into the grooves, from which it immediately flies off. In this model, the tires have increased the number of grooves so that in the rain the driver feels safe on the road.
A key feature of the Nitto Trail Grappler all-season tire is that it is better suited to rough terrain than paved roads. The model belongs to the Mud-Terrain category, which implies the presence of a number of features in its design, which will be discussed below.

Drivin on dry, wet and snowy roads and off-road

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When creating the bus, modern computer modelling technologies were widely used. In particular, with their help, a tread pattern was developed. It is made in an open design containing a large number of blocks. However, the combination of their shapes, sizes and location was chosen so well that the tire demonstrates a low noise level for its category on asphalt roads.
The distance between the blocks is so great that the tread is extremely effective in self-cleaning of adhering soil particles. In combination with the numerous and very high traction edges, this provides the tire with excellent off-road flotation. Additional grip is provided by trapezoidal shoulder blocks and special lugs on the sidewalls.

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The tire is soft on the go. This is due to several factors at once. One of them is the rubber compound. It has increased elasticity, which makes it possible to smooth out the impact of road irregularities. Another feature is the use in the manufacture of modern technologies that ensure uniformity of characteristics throughout the tread.

Drivers’ reviews

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Drivers note that this is an excellent tire, which pleases with cross-country ability on mud and sand, in the off-season, it pleasantly surprises with the complete absence of aquaplaning and grip on a slightly icy road! The only drawback is its ability to collect all the little things on the road, stones, pieces of iron, glass, etc. (though to do without punctures). With these wheels, it became a habit to regularly check the tread and pick out all the debris.

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