Sandsail tires

Sandsail tires

Founded: 2008
Founder: –
Headquarters: Hialeah, Florida, USA
Parent: Qingdao Sentury Tire

Sandsail is an American brain that seems to be bought off or founded by the famous Qingdao Sentury. Sandsail’s largely focusing on all-terrain or high-performance tires. The latter translates to high durability and controllability, which is pretty much everything you need in a tire, but there’s even more.

Who makes Sandsail tires? Sandsails are manufactured by Sentury, a huge tire supplier from China. They aren’t known to make defects, on the contrary – the products usually come out healthy and, quite importantly, cheap.

The story repeats itself. Actually, it’s often very beneficial to buy Chinese tires nowadays – low manufacturing costs mean low costs on a shelf, and it’s very important if you look at the cost-effectiveness ratio. And the ratio on these tires is very high.
They are very cheap – that much is clear. But they are also given great traction and handling. Remember, these tires are designed with the idea of powerful persistent tires. A lot of these are virtually mud tires – they don’t lose control on wet ground, while turning or accelerating.
While you shouldn’t those of them not designed for travelling in mud, you’ll be quite thankful to wear them on countryside or urban roads. What’s more, they are notoriously noiseless, which is a huge bonus to comfort and overall quality of driving.
In the end, you won’t regret acquiring one of these.

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