Michelin LTX M/S 2 Tire Review

Michelin LTX MS 2 Reviews

Michelin is one of the best manufacturers of truck and SUV tires, and the LTX M / S 2 deserves to be named the best among them. In the production of this model, the company used its latest and greatest technologies to ensure that the tire guarantees good handling and traction.
Michelin is the largest tire manufacturer in Europe. The French company constantly emphasizes that their products are an uncompromising path to quality.
Michelin has focused on tire versatility. The French giant’s engineers have tweaked the parts to combine the key performance characteristics of the various tire types. As a result, the all-season Michelin LTX M / S 2 is the best-selling all-season tire.

Michelin LTX MS 2 Rebate
This all-season model offers outstanding tread strength. As a result, industry research confirms that even with heavy use, the tire loses its ride quality very slowly.


  1. Excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces.
  2. High driving comfort.
  3. Long service life and 70,000 miles tread warranty.


  1. Absent

General thoughts

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This tire model is a guarantee of safety. Hence, their characteristic features: high steering precision and short braking distances, structural resistance to heavy loads, and long service life of tires.
These tires are an investment in safety and a reliable product for years to come. Tires are famous for their high mileage, and special technologies ensure safety even at the lowest permissible tread values. You are guaranteed a huge selection of protectors – for almost any type of car and driving style.
Top-notch safety and good mileage are just some of the unique benefits of these tires.
The tread of these all-season tires contains silica, thanks to which the tire life is increased and the braking distance is shortened.
Thanks to the symmetrical pattern and 3-D Active Sipes, you are guaranteed a good grip on dry and wet roads.
Braking distance, slippery behavior, tread characteristics – whatever criteria we choose, Michelin LTX M / S 2 tires usually provide the best performance. Drivers especially appreciate the car’s stability with Michelin tires.

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Cornering – even while maintaining surprisingly high speeds – does not cause sudden loss of control. This element, carefully modified by Michelin engineers, today is a kind of demonstration of the quality of the French company.
The high quality of the French tires means that the prices for this model are slightly higher than for similar tires from other brands. However, it is worth paying attention to the ratio of cost and the mentioned quality. Michelin is a brand that regularly wins or leads in industry rankings.
Inside the tire are two strong nylon-wrapped steel belts for added strength and durability. Tires with load range D and E have three steel belts and are designed to carry heavy loads.
This tire has been repeatedly rated as the best all-season truck and SUV tire for use on urban roads.

Driving on dry, wet, and snowy surfaces

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These all-season tires do not compromise user safety. Confident handling on dry surfaces, very good behavior on wet roads, and excellent results on snowy roads. What else do you need?
Of course, all-season tires represent a certain balance between the performance of winter and summer tires, so these tires are the best choice for people who cover short distances or move around urban areas.
Max-Touch technology evenly distributes acceleration forces for faster braking and better steering. This technology is also responsible for the comfort, noiselessness, and smoothness of the ride.
Driving on wet surfaces is excellent thanks to the four circumferential grooves around the tread, which, together with the side grooves and shoulder sipes, channel water away from the tire, thereby providing good grip and handling.
Snow handling and traction are also excellent, thanks to the multiple sipes, circumferential and lateral grooves. But, it should be added that, like any all-season tire, the Michelin LTX M / S 2 will perform much worse in the harsh winters.

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The prices for the tires of this company bite, but in return, you will receive a quality product that will serve you for many years. And if the price does not matter to you, then we recommend purchasing these tires, which are the best in their category.
Prices for this model start at $ 118 and up.
With your purchase, you get a 6-year or 70,000-mile tread warranty.

Driver reviews

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Drivers refer to this tire as a premium product with the highest quality workmanship. Many drivers report that tire performance on wet and snowy surfaces is almost the same as driving on dry roads. The tires perform equally well.

Tire Sizes


245/70R17 110T FOR BSW
245/75R17 112S JEP BSW
LT245/75R17/E 121/118R FOR BSW


P255/70R18 112T TOY BSW
P265/60R18 109H TOY BSW


275/55R20 113H FOR BSW