Road Hugger tires

Road Hugger_tires

Founded: 1999
Founder: Kumho Tire
Headquarters: Gwangiu, South Korea; Scottsdale,USA

Road Hugger is a private tire brand specially developed for the American market by Asian manufacturers and distributed by Discount Tire company. The brand is renowned for all-season tires offering good performance and traction in all weather conditions.

Who makes Road Hugger tires? Most of the tires under this brand are manufactured by the South Korean company Kumho in cooperation with the Japanese tire brand Nitto. These labels certainly point to the great quality of the products.

The Road Hugger tire brand is represented by two models: GTP A/S and GT Ultra. Although both of them are positioned as all-season, they are not adapted to extreme weather. So it would be a hard task to drive with them, for instance, in deep snow or over ice. Nevertheless, the design of these tires allows quite a good and safe driving on wet or muddy surfaces. With this, the optimum characteristics are assured through improved traction and a better cornering grip.
While offering a size range from 16 to 20 inches, Road Hugger tires are suited to a big variety of passenger vehicles. However, the mid-size cars, like Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry or Honda Accord, are the option for them to show all their best. Also, these tires will be the right choice for you if your car is older than 7 years as their quality will be able to support the general performance of the vehicle.
Occupying the grand-touring niche, Road Hugger tires can hardly be labeled as budget-friendly. However, they are still quite affordable. As the brand’s owner claims, you can can pay up to 30% less for them than you’d pay for premium tires. And that’s a good saving, considering all their driving characteristics. The average price for Road Hugger GT is kept within $80-120.

Where are Road Hugger tires made? Kumho’s major tire plants are located in South Korea and China. The manufacturer also has some additional facilities in Vietnam as well as Macon, Georgia.

The design features of the tires include a silica-infused tread compound that significantly increases their life span. Provided with circumferential grooves and 3-D sipes, they can demonstrate excellent traction and braking even on a slippery road in rain or snow. The tread design with optimized details ensures less rolling resistance, hence, better fuel economy, and also delivers outstanding maneuverability. And accordingly, all of this testifies to the durability of Road Hugger tires. Discount Tire guarantees that you will be able to drive more than 50,000 miles before you have to change the tires, that is 20% more than the most of high-performance tires can show.
In general, Road Hugger tires fit well for both city driving and long trips on highway, being a performer in terms of technology and pricing. So you can be confident that they won’t let you down halfway through.